Sissy Asylum is a treatment center in Barcelona that specialises in acute transvestic disorder. It is necessary to start with this clear definition because a common symptom our demented patients exhibit is the belief that the asylum is not a place for the treatment of their illness, but some kind of BDSM dungeon called ‘The Sissy Farm.’

Sissy Asylum has arrived at the vanguard of 21st century treatment for transvestism by working with a Victorian model of patient care: unremitting discipline and moral rectitude. Both our online treatment centre and physical premises are decorated in a Victorian style, as well as our staff and patient uniforms. The culture of our organisation prizes such Victorian virtues as chastity, obedience and modesty.

The treatment consists of 12 inpatient sessions at our premises in Barcelona, combined with extensive online monitoring, a course of therapy and other related resources. 


Please indicate if you require inpatient treatment at our facility in Barcelona, or our virtual treatment centre.