The Patient-Asylum Agreement: Medical BDSM Contract

ADMIN: All long term bondage relationships require a BDSM contract. In the following post you will have yours read out to you.

At the asylum, we have a pretty latex nurse to receieve new patients. She’s called Martha. Her job is to welcome the sissy and strap it into stirrups for its first session.

That’s why you weren’t so bothered when you discovered that Mistress Elle wouldn’t be present. The beautiful blonde, Martha, seems more than an adequate replacement.  You willingly allow her to bind and gag you and then spread your legs as your ankles are locked into medical stirrups.

“The nurse will be here any minute,” says Martha, leaving the room.


As you lie in the basement of the asylum (your pathetic little clitty wilting in the cold air) you watch in fear and horror as you come face to face with the asylum’s hiring policy.

FYI sissy, Martha’s just a student earning a few extra bucks. When the Mistress looks for staff to deal with sissies directly she makes sure to only hire women of 50 plus with a sturdy build and a healthy loathing of transvestites and sissies.

Let me introduce you to the woman who enters and looks at your tiny little cock with utter contempt….


Of course, what you would like to do is run… but you’re bound and gagged and can’t even move a finger. From another room down the corridor you hear a sissy scream.

Nurse Watkins speaks…


Nurse Watkins proceeds to read you the document which will rule you for the rest of your life…


Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
By submitting to Mistress Elle you are declaring yourself in accord with all the clauses which have just been read to you. As a consequence, you confirm your wish to recieve treatment for your transvestic illness and grant Mistress Elle full authority over all your future financial, legal and medical decisions, including the power to modify your body and mind in any way she fits see fits through surgery and/or medication.