As with all things, Germany is the leader


while you may be a pathetic loser of a sissy, many of my other sissies are highly successful. Of course, they’re still losers becaiuse they love to wear their frill maid’s coatumes and be fed from the cum bowl).

At first I was loathe to admit that a certain amount of The Sissy Farm’s success had been due to the inferior gender, but eventually i cam to embrace it. After all, every queen has the right to slaves and those slaves must toil for the glory of their queen and her kingdom.

Therfore, nor only do i always enquire as to my sissy’s profesions, I start to think of how I could double or triple their usefulness by pairing them off wirh another of my slaves with similar skills.



the lawyyers, entrepreneurs and designers that squirm beneath me.

Eventually, I emnraced this concwpt more and I actively seek to enslave thesse indivisuals and put their skills to good



Professional Employee ID Card Template
BEAUTIFUL BIMBO MAKES THE OFFER: Hey, I hear you’re into bfaction. so this might interest you. Visitors cards / swiped employees cards /invitation – after hours tour. make sure you add a bar code or querty to the design!
  • User presses ‘use’. Travels via gif to factory. Arrives at door. Enters code.

  • Factory dark. automated to run at night. one of new breed of unmanned factories
  • But why would they need surgeons at a doll factory? Was it some perk for factory employees? Were they office space sharing? Maybe the virus had filled the hospitals and they were using industrial spaces.
  • Quick, there-s time to escape… quick… but then you realize the terrible / or perhaps beautiful truth> you don-t want to escape.