The horrors of Transvestite Tower await you.

Now that you have shown your true colors, maggot, there’s nothing I can do to hold off my satanic rubber nurses.

It’s in our agreement…

…if sissy comes to the tower in good faith looking to cure its vile perversion… then they will follow the agreed program of treatment.

That’s my way.

However, if sissy errs from the program, my nursing staff file a request to do it their way.

As far as they’re concerned, the original punishment of non surgical chastity has failed… and they ask to carry out the original punishment…

…surgical castration.

Of course, as Queen of the hive, it’s my decision.

I have decided to approve their request.

You have disappointed me, one time too many, sissy… you are an unworthy, squirming insect with impure thoughts and revolting transvestic appetites. The only solution is to surgically remove the cursed organ once and for all.

With no testes, you will produce no testosterone and your sexual desire will evaporate. You will not be able to work as an escort, but your sexlessness and the smooth emptiness between your legs will allow you to become a devoted slave.


You must fly to Berlin in the next 72 hours and submit yourself to my rubber nurses for surgery.

You thought that rubber nurses were all about pretty girls in latex…
But in reality they are terrifying sadists in black aprons. Even worse for you, two of them are radical feminists. They believe that sissies should be made into eunuchs who will better serve their Mistress without their penises. Unfortunately, your vile fiddlings have put you in their cross-hairs.

As an act of mercy, I will schedule you in with Nurse Noel… who is a little less cruel than the others. Here she does a dry run/mock surgery and explains the procedure.


Choose wisely, sissy…