EDITOR’S NOTE: Mistress Elle is tiring of sissies sending her questions about The Sissy Farm. She has charged me with writing a brief history.


The Sissy Farm started out as a single room in a BDSM dungeon in London.

One winter’s afternoon, Mistress Elle took out a hunting knife and scratched “The Sissy Farm” on an outer door of her chamber. The hive’s carved logo pays homage to that historic moment.




The Farm was a massive success and rich clients competed on price to guarantee sessions.

Many of these sissies – ruled by “their male instinct for acquisition and the arrogance of wealth” – tried to buy the Mistress.

They offered marriage, they offered expensive gifts, they offered money… and the Mistress punished them for their presumptuousness.



However, there were two sissies (‘slaves 1 and 2’) whose motivation was pure, and when they offered to invest in The Sissy Farm, Mistress Elle accepted.

The idea was to transplant her dungeon – and vivid imagination – to an entire country house (It is this house which excited your little clitty in Summoned to the Sissy Farm.)




Although The project was a success, it became mired in legal problems as locals claimed it was a brothel (the scandal made a national newspaper.)

Consequently, Mistress Elle decided to move The Sissy Farm to Germany, a country where she spent much of her childhood (and… prostitution was legal). 

Legality meant The Mistress could hire more dominatrix and build a national BDSM client base.

Also, her close contact with sissies and trans-girls would create an agency that serviced a growing demand for ‘she-male’ escorts.


The total value of legal prostitution in Germany. (This image links to a Guardian story “Why Germany is Europe’s biggest Brothel”)


The current Sissy Farm is, therefore, in Thuringia – 150 miles from Berlin. Affiliate dungeons have been established in the capital, London and Barcelona.

The new Farm is spectacular. It is situated in the middle of a forest and surrounded by a lake. The estate quartered troops in WW2 and has many tunnels and subterranean chambers.




Mistress Elle’s business plan was an immediate success, and by 2020 the foundations were being laid for an extremely profitable Farm. But then…something totally unexpected happened…

…The crisis.

With the advent of social distancing and lockdowns, The Sissy Farm had to close its doors.



Not one to waste time, Mistress Elle decided that substantial parts of her training program could be done via audio, video and e-mail.

Also, key chambers and installations of her hive could be introduced in a virtual Sissy Farm.

And thus…

…our brief history reaches the present. We look forward to seeing you in person in mid 2021.

Anna Kamari (formerly ‘slave 1’)



The best way to introduce yourself to Mistress Elle is to read her book, Summoned to The Sissy Farm. Unlike her other erotic tales, this is autobiographical and serves as an excellent introduction to her philosophy and life story.