Major, clearly something has gone very wrong. You are trapped in the barren nothingness of inter-dimensional space. In theory, you could be trapped here for eternity.

It is necessary to understand the Interdimension in order to leave the Interdimension.


  • At various points, it will be necessary to reacquaint you with mission-relevant scientific knowledge that was wiped from your memory.
  • This knowledge is not available on Earth and may be difficult to assimilate.
  • Therefore, we shall introduce the first topic – inter-dimensionality – in the primitive terms Earthians think about it.

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Of course, what Earthians don’t know is that the space between dimensions is guarded by Psychrolutes Marcidus, colloquially known as The Gompala.

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This impish creature of the interdimension will only let you leave if you enter the correct exit code.

Unfortunately, the password is different for every being that becomes trapped in the Interdimension.

Combining its ability to read minds and it’s dark sense of humor, Gompola looks into your psyche and chooses the most shameful thing about you… and makes that the password.

Quick! The creature has arrived and demands the password. Whatever the most embarrassing thing about you is… you must type it into the Gompola interface.

CLICK: Access the Gompola interface.