…the sound of the rain and “Smooth” by Baby Goth… but your reconditioning continues as a series of images and scenes come into your mind.


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Elle, put this in a later level when we see the girl’s room
Now that you have a decent room, you have to invest time in making it pretty and dreamy.



Chillout, DreamyGirl…

Vist The DreamyGirl identity generator: Here, the sissy can begin to reimagine its identity. Do not send your ideas to your Mistress! That comes later. 


PDF: ASSIGNMENT 5: The Naming Ceremony. 

(If a document has an incorrect number – pay no attention. Sometimes I change the order of assignments and it takes my minions time to update PDFs etc.)



Behavioral Feminization 5

Feeble sissy minds usually become overwhelmed with the amount of work at this point.

Consequently, I’ve introduced a week’s rest. During this rest, however, you must complete all outstanding FemFLow projects…

1. Always sitting down on the toilet.
2. Sitting down (on chairs/sofas etc.) like a girl.
3. Started a basic nail care regime.
4. Be taking a good multivitamin.
5. Initiated a hair strategy.
6. Listened multiple times to Perfect Girl reconditioning.
7. Changed the way you talk to people.
8. Reimagined your personal space in a more feminine way.
9. Chosen a name you love.
10. Started thinking about the people in your life: who’s bringing you up and who’s dragging you down i.e. toxic.

If you insist on a feminization task then I’ll leave you with an optional one: get a FEM tattoo. Ink your body with an expression of your true gender and your true soul.