Mistress Elle, what is ‘True Feminization’?

True feminisation is an erotic training program which subjects its students to rigorous behavioral feminization. The process occurs via traditional classes, a virtual journey through The Sissy Farm and a series of mind control protocols including hypnosis, NLP and rational emotive therapy. 

What type of personality type is best suited to the program?

Your personality is irrelevant upon entering the program because that personality will be completely erased and reprogrammed.


More specifically…

…you will cease to think for yourself and become a puppet of your Mistress. You will become one of my empty headed, little dolls.

I will fix your routine and make all the important decisions, leaving your vacant mind to deal with the type of questions that a doll delights in…

…clothes, surgeries and followers. 


But how will I function Mistress (at home/work) if I become an empty headed doll?

As an automaton that follows my commands, your little doll’s head will be vacuous and uncluttered by decisions.

However, following these commands will improve your…

  • Weight.
  • Fitness.
  • Mental health.
  • Physical health.
  • Social skills.
  • Professional performance
  • Finances.
  • Grooming and style.

Therefore, as you achieve health, happiness and success, you will seem dynamic to others – from the outside.

But on the inside – there will be nothing but the fluffy emptiness of a bimbo who follows my commands like a robot.

This is the paradox of doll Zen.


But Mistress, why do you care about my health, happiness and success?

I don’t! As a cruel Mistress, I only care about my own interests. But it’s in my interest that you are happy and healthy because of…



It makes my property more valuable.


You will perform better as a slave.


Slaves who arrive with untreated addictions, depression etc. disrupt hive harmony. 


Make money & pay for your own surgeries.


Happy slaves embrace the zen of their doll like existence. 


Can you tell me more about these commands?

My commands are based on a methodology: the five principles of True Feminization…

Nutrition, diet and exercise are important priorities.

– 1. BALANCE: the avoidance of excess… and the practice of moderation.

– 2. REALISM: attainable life goals… and a viable path to their realization.

– 3. RESOLVE: total commitment to True Feminization… and erasure of the male within.

– 4. NURTURING: investment in relationships… the rejection of selfishness. 

– 5. BEAUTY: to make oneself as beautiful as possible… and the world around you.


How is the course strutured?

It consists of 12 levels and three steps. These are…



 1: SISSY PHASE: Erase all traces of the male within…


 2: GIRLY-GIRL PHASE: behavioral reconditioning and personality installation…


 3: BIMBO ESCORT PHASE: bimbofication of the body, style classes and escort training…


Does the course feature many of the traditional elements one would expect on a feminisation program?

Yes, of course – makeup,style,voice etc. – however, as there are much better channels on YouTube dedicated to this topic, I focus more on my academic specialization which is female psychology and my dominatrix specialization: erotic feminization.

How is this different from other feminization programs?

True Feminization’s potent blend of psychological realism and female intuition make it far more sophisticated than the dull tropes of ‘sissy training’.


How is the program administered?

Upon purchase, students receive their orientation booklet. From that point on, the course is administered directly by me, Mistress Elle, via email.

Over the course of four weeks all assignments and materials are sent individually. Therefore, you only receive your next assignment once you’ve finished the previous one.

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Bimbofication V1.0 Complete

Your Mistress has your future planned out for you, and it is to become a bimbo.

You seem to have forgotten that, so we’re taking measures to remind you.

You’re not going to be a lawyer or a doctor or an entrepreneur, filling the world with good deeds. You’re going to be a pretty little bimbo, filling your body with silicone.

It’s time to get back to reality…

Back to bimbo.

Can you learn to be a girl?

How do girls learn to be girls… do we do some kind of feminization training?


The answer is simple and I want you to take some time to assimilate it: we watch other girls and imitate them!



A good example is TikTok tongue. A couple of years ago, girls did not stick their tongue out at an angle like a thirsty dog… but now we’re all at it. It‘s not genetic or biological but pure imitation.



And that’s good news for you because it means there’s a whole suite of behaviors that you don’t need to be born with, you just need to watch other girls and imitate them!

That’s why I use videos on the True Feminization course: it’s a simple way for my students to observe, learn and replicate.



This weeks feminization training is a collection of girls communicating purely through their expression, bodily movements or gaze: i.e. non verbal communication (NVC).

Watch the video repeatedly until every gesture and movement is imprinted in your memory.

Of course, True Feminization is a process of incremental changes so you’re not gonna suddenly develop a whole new style of non-verbal communication, but it will take you a step further towards your true gender and true destiny.


The Power of a Stare

The above video is filled with all sorts of fascinating examples of NVC, but I’d like to focus on the eyes, and different types of gaze.


Subtext: don’t look at me, don’t talk to me, don’t even think about me!

At some point you learn instinctively that you have to be careful about making eye contact with men. Ever the optimists, they always take it the wrong way.

Therefore, most girls learn to direct their gaze at the logical point: straight ahead!

The intensity which you add to this behavior is a function of one simple factor: how pretty you are!



Subtext: damn, you’re hot!


Perhaps it’s this enforced wearing of blinkers that means when you see a guy who blows your mind, you really communicate it fully.

This sideways glance leaves nothing to debate.



Subtext: I care about you deeply!

Friend, family or lover – whoever is at the other end of this dreamy gaze will be convinced you love them.

Hand on chin… a slow blink and compelling eyes make the message clear: you are my world.

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