Choose a new name (or middle name if you already have one) and surname.


Your name is one of the most important expressions of your style, philosophy and attitude…and unlike most women…you get to choose yours.

As Shakespeare wrote… what’s in a name? I’ll tell you – EVERYTHING!

But what name should you choose?

Here’s 5 of my favorites. You may choose one if you feel a strong affinity with that particular name.


Damaris explained:

The first mention of Damaris is in the New Testament, referring to a woman who lived in Athens. She was an upper class woman who converted to Christianity after hearing a speech by Saint Paul.


Ellie explained:

Eloise is from the Old French name Héloïse, which in turn came from from the Germanic name Helewidis which means ‘healthy’. However, some linguists claim it comes from the Greek word helios for ‘sun’.


Layla explained:

Layla is the Arabic word for ‘night’. Its use as a name is first attested to in the love poems of Qays, a 7th-century poet. His work formed the basis of a story about Layla and Majnun by a 12th-century Persian poet.


Ariadna explained:

Ariadna has competing claims about its origins but as both are beautiful it only adds to the beauty of the name. For Welsh druid types (sorry, that’s the extent of my knowledge about Welsh culture and language) Ariadna means ‘silver.’ Closer to my neighborhood, however, Ariadna has Italian origins via the Greek ‘Ariadne’, meaning ‘very holy.’


Zyra explained:

When it comes to ‘Zyra’ there’s no Geek myth or Celtic Goddess. It’s a completely invented name. However, that’s surely what makes it original and unique…it’s completely new…and the only references you can find are in contemporary culture. From a style perspective, I always favor classic…but there’s something funky and dynamic about Zyra.

Still in need of inspiration? 

Here’s 20 more.

Still in need of inspiration? 

This site is cool because it generates random surnames. Click on the image below (sorry, they’re not actually bimbo surnames but we liked the idea.)

Still in need of inspiration? 

Click on the image below for a Sissy Farm guide to name change – designed for slaves that have just been allowed to leave the tower and take on a new identity. It’s called ‘The naming ceremony.’

The DreamyGirl id Generator

Below you have dozens of names, looks and personalities. Hit one of the horizontal bars and choose at random.


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