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What’s a DreamyGirl?

A DreamyGirl is a girl with a beautiful soul who dreams of a better life and a better world. Rather than just dream, however, she makes her dreams reality.

DreamyGirls have some disadvantage of body, mind or upbringing which they battle to overcome.

This site is a planning tool to help DreamyGirls improve their lives, and the world, and to overcome said disadvantages.

The Rules


  • No porn or nudity. We follow the Instagram guidelines.
  • No real photos. This is a space to escape from biology and to express your transition aspirations. Also… to express yourself without unwanted people recognizing you. You may, however, include body parts to indicate recent transition achievments. (Not genitalia).
  • No tiresome disputes about transgender theory or politics. Go to Reddit for that!
  • No being ‘offended’. Just don’t respond if someone ‘offends’ you.
  • No criticizing. DreamyGirl is for dreams and positive experiences.
  • Be whoever you want. Choose whatever name, whatever photos you want.


What’s a DreamyGirl project?

A lifestyle mission that helps you improve some aspect of your personal, professional or social life. Once you decide on a project  – join the group for that project and share ideas.